Welcome to The Gersbach Lab at Duke University

Molecular and Cellular Engineering Applied to Regenerative Medicine and Gene Therapy

The Gersbach Lab is focused on engineering new methods for directing cell behavior to regenerate diseased or damaged tissues and treat genetic diseases.  We are particularly interested in developing and applying technologies that manipulate cellular processes at the genetic level.  Our work capitalizes on the products of the Genomic Revolution and modern advances in the fields of genetic reprogramming, gene delivery, protein engineering, stem cell transplantation, and synthetic  biology to create innovative biologic approaches to improving human health.  These studies also facilitate a better understanding of complex processes including organogenesis, cell lineage determination, and gene regulation that will ultimately lead to i mproved design of drugs and biotherapeutics.  Our efforts are catalyzed by interdisciplinary collaborations with investigators in engineering and medicine at Duke and other institutions.







Current News

November 3, 2014   -  The Duke iGEM team is a awarded a gold medal at the 2014 iGEM Giant Jamboree.

October 23, 2014   -  Ami's collaboration with the Leong Lab on reprogramming cell lineage with CRISPR/Cas9-Based transcription factors is published in Stem Cell Reports.

October 17, 2014   -  Charlie is Guest Editor of a special issue of ACS Synthetic Biology on Engineered DNA-Binding Proteins.  Read Ami and Charlie's introduction to the issue and check out Pablo's image on the cover.

September 29, 2014   - Charlie contributes a commentary on genome engineering to the 10th Anniversary Issue of Nature Methods, and Lauren's image is featured on the cover.

September 1, 2014   - Josh Black is awarded an NIH Predoctoral Fellowship from the Duke Center for Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering.

August 15, 2014   - Tyler Klann and Liad Holtzman join the lab as PhD students in the Duke Biomedical Engineering Department.

August 13, 2014   - Ami and Dave's paper on a lentiviral system for multiplex genome engineering with CRISPR/Cas9 is published in Nucleic Acids Research.

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